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Personal Customer Service Shield ( PCSS )

Personal Customer Service Shields
We are currently supplying Northen Colorado with "Personal Customer Service Shields" (PCSS) From the simple low cost to the more long term usage shields. We know you need them fast so we have our router department is running these every weekday. We can normally build these within a day or two. Place your order now and we'll get to work. You might decide to keep these shields clean and in-use after these trying times. Not a bad idea in any case.
Large Motel Chain
offering reasonable customer / reception protection against -- you know
We can manufacture just about any style shield. The shield shown here are shields we have made of others.
These have a large base an side supports. High enough and wide enough to stay in front of customer.
The base is wide enough as to not tip over easily. Some customers use double sided clear tape for added security.
Also the base makes a great table display. (put cards or fliers under the shield base.)
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How to order your shields

  1. Measure the area you wish to shield.
  2. Decide on the type (base + hanging / hanging only / both)
  3. Decide on the number of shields you want.
  4. Call us to get started..

Standard Descriptions:
These Shields are usually .125 (1/8) to .250 ( 1/4 ) inch thick - the base, if any, are .500 (1/5) thick and a dado is placed in the center approx. .250" deep. The two pieces lift the shield off of the counter for a "pass through." The pass through is also routed as shown. You'll want to decide on the height of the pass through. Shown is about 1.2 inches.

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Styles we have made for customer service counters..

Of course we will be happy to quote any design.
These are an attempt to simplfy your order.. Call in now - pickup your order in a few days.
Shown to the left is a basic Shield with six inch wide base. This style supplies a good foundation on the counter top. We recommend double sided clear tape to hold it in place on the counter top. Also shown are two holes at the top for hanging in place. (We do not recommend base only mounting as the shields are too thin for stability.) As shown we can route words of your choice on the back (reversed) or front of your shield for that professional look.

Shown is the lowest priced shield we can make --
.125 inches (1/8) Acrylic, square corners two holes for hanging. Basic but functional.