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RoutingPrototypingThermal bendingFabrication

Professional Customer Service Shields for your counter.

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Some things should be made with plastic. We specialize in a variety of fabrication process.

From management to Fabrication and design to machine operator,
we are the most dedicated and respected team in Northern Colorado.

Routing, Bending, Flaming, Welding Equipment coupled with the latest software (Mastercam) offers you, our valued customer, the precision and company performance you expect. Please Call (970) 482-0937 Let's see what we can do for you today! We are located in Fort Collins Colorado.

Design your sign let us manufacture it for you. We specialize in one-off fabrication.
Beautifully Crafted - Laser sign for your shingle. L.E.D Moving Backlighting
Like this, send us your artwork to We'll send to you a quote for this style sign. Or send your specs. to the same address for a quote. If you want to talk to an "artist" about your design, please give us a call.
Plastic Fabrication as an Art Form
Laser Cut and Engraved Frosted Plastic


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We have designed a low cost face-shield to help protect you, your workers and customers.
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Engraving Laser Service
Laser engraved parts for that professional look!
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This Laser takes standard 'Corel Draw' (2D drawing software) Meaning we can duplicate or match your artwork.
Acrylic Plaques
Marble & Stone Etching
Glass Etching
Acrylic & Wood Signage
Logo Engraving on Parts
Product Marking
Electronics Engraving
Routed Cutting Boards -- HDPE FDA Approved
Comfortable, rugged, easy clean, HDPE - FDA approved for food prep.
Cutting Boards to meet your specification - You decide size: Thickness - Width -- Height -- Quantity.. Please give us a call or email your specs. to for a fast quote..

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We are located in Fort Collins Colorado.

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